The DocW-Consulting offers different Management Services and has its Expertise within the pharmaceutical and the nutrition Industry

About DocW-Consulting

The DocW Consulting was founded in July 2007 by Ralf Westerheide to provide the Project Management (outsourcing of services, etc.), the Quality Management and the Change Management as a service. Ralf Westerheide has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Contract Manufacturing) specialist to Development, Quality Management and high level Management.

Key Roles

• Head of Laboratory (2 Years)
• head of Quality Management (Development and Quality Control; 2 Sites; 5 Years)
• Managing Director (7 Years)


• Project Management
• Quality Management
• Change Management / Optimization (Operational Excellence)
• In- and Outsourcing (Managing CMO´s)


• Foundation of a Contract Lab
• Restructuring of Production Area (mixed to solid)
• Restructuring of a Production Site
• Development and Transfers of Pellet Products (slow released)
• Implementation of Quality Management ("practical QM")

Total Quality Management

Quality Support:

- SOP´s
- Contracts/Agreements
- Inspections
- Quality Handbooks (PMF, SMF)

Total Project Management

Support for special projects:

- In- and Outsourcing
- Development / slow released Pellets
- product transfers / Scale up
- Regulatory Affairs / Compliance

Total Change Management

Optimizations within your daily Routine:

- Supply Chain Management
- KPI´s
- Operational Excellence
- Change Management

Total Raw Material Supply

support from Chinese suppliers:

- raw materials
- slow released pellet formulations
- tablets and capsules
- other nutritions

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