The DocW-Consulting offers different Management Services and has its Expertise within the pharmaceutical and the nutrition Industry

Total Quality Management

Quality Support:

- SOP´s
- Contracts/Agreements
- Inspections
- Quality Handbooks (PMF, SMF)

Total Project Management

Support for special projects:

- In- and Outsourcing
- Development / slow released Pellets
- product transfers / Scale up
- Regulatory Affairs / Compliance

Total Change Management

Optimizations within your daily Routine:

- Supply Chain Management
- KPI´s
- Operational Excellence
- Change Management

Total Raw Material Supply

support from Chinese suppliers:

- raw materials
- slow released pellet formulations
- tablets and capsules
- other nutritions

Total Project Management

An effective Project Management System is the secret of success. A detailed definition of the expectations, the sizes and goals is very essential. The DocW Consulting monitors the project that risks and opportunities are anticipated every time.

The DocW-Consulting controls projects like:

- In- and Outsourcing
- product transfers within a company or from site to site
- Development: special slow released Pellets
- Scale up
- Regulatory Affairs
- Compliance Management
- Implementation of new computer systems
- Re-Organization of production areas
- inspection support
- support and planning new production or lab buildings
- and more

Project Definition

Spended time within the phase of Preparation is an investment. Common goals, budgets, resources and risks are well defined.

Project Plan

The "Red Line" of the project and the "Yardstick" for all developments. Plans are defined with specific timelines and responsibilities. These describe the introduction phase of the project until to the routine operation.

Project Implementation

"Monitoring-Watch-Over-Evaluation-Actions" to ensure that the project is "on track". Clear communication is particularly important in this phase.

Project Control

The operational activities are supported every day. The entire project is accompanied with risk management, problem solving, changes in project scope and status reporting.

Project Handover:

The handover of the project includes controlled review and analysis after project completion.

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