The DocW-Consulting offers different Management Services and has its Expertise within the pharmaceutical and the nutrition Industry

Total Quality Management

Quality Support:

- SOP´s
- Contracts/Agreements
- Inspections
- Quality Handbooks (PMF, SMF)

Total Project Management

Support for special projects:

- In- and Outsourcing
- Development / slow released Pellets
- product transfers / Scale up
- Regulatory Affairs / Compliance

Total Change Management

Optimizations within your daily Routine:

- Supply Chain Management
- KPI´s
- Operational Excellence
- Change Management

Total Raw Material Supply

support from Chinese suppliers:

- raw materials
- slow released pellet formulations
- tablets and capsules
- other nutritions

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to the consistency and for all areas of an organization (company, institution, etc.). TQM CONFIRMS the full support of all employees in order to lead to success.

The DocW Consulting Supports the Establishment and "Life" of the Quality Management

The Key Principles of TQM Philosophy are:

- Quality is based on the customer
- Quality is achieved with staff at all levels and areas
- Quality have to include several dimensions that can be operationalized by criteria
- Quality is not a goal but a process that never ends
- Quality refers not only to products but also to services
- Quality requires active behavior and must be worked out

The simple model includes 3 pillars:

A. Human
B. Processes
C. Results

and 8 basic principles:

1. Customer orientation
2. Partnership with suppliers
3. Staff development and participation
4. Processes and facts
5. Continuous improvement and innovation
6. Leadership and constancy of purpose
7. Social Responsibility
8. Result orientation

GMP Support

- Creating Quality Manuel
- Creation of SOPA's (CC, OOS, Deviation, etc.) - All kinds of training
- Support for computer validation
- Qualifications
- Validation of processes and analytics
- Contact to Authorities
and much more.


- development agreement
- analytical agreement
- technical agreement
- quality agreement
- supply agreement
- secrecy agreement

TQM stabilizes your Processes / Harmony through TQM

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