The DocW-Consulting offers different Management Services and has its Expertise within the pharmaceutical and the nutrition Industry

Total Quality Management

Quality Support:

- SOP´s
- Contracts/Agreements
- Inspections
- Quality Handbooks (PMF, SMF)

Total Project Management

Support for special projects:

- In- and Outsourcing
- Development / slow released Pellets
- product transfers / Scale up
- Regulatory Affairs / Compliance

Total Change Management

Optimizations within your daily Routine:

- Supply Chain Management
- KPI´s
- Operational Excellence
- Change Management

Total Raw Material Supply

support from Chinese suppliers:

- raw materials
- slow released pellet formulations
- tablets and capsules
- other nutritions

Total Change Management

You work on the improvement of your Business Processes and need assistance? If within Laboratory, Production or Offices. We OPTIMIZE your processes.

KPI`s: Key Performance Indicators

You control your company or your department with the help of more meaningful indicators?
Questions which are often ask:
- Is an efficient control possible based on this figures?
- Do I have too many, too little or the right indicators?
- Can I rely on the numbers?
- Are the expenses for the creation of adequate numbers?
- All departments using the the valid definition?
- Why do some departments are so bad (so good)?

Unlike to the "pure" reporting the KPI implementation will lead to the success of a company
Quantitative information with special significance, particularly about the achievement recorded
Systematic approach is important within the phase of implementation / consideration of the entire supply chain:

1. Pre-Analysis with the concentration of essential items

- Identify business goals and processes
- Define critical success factors

2. Build up KPI Model

- KPI´s categorize
- Assign KPI´s processes and organization
- Select different criterias to define the KPI´s

3. KPI Reporting System

- Set standards for uniform reporting
- Define reports

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) is a philosophy of Leadership and Teamwork.
Operational Excellence leads to continuous improvement throughout the organization by focusing on the real needs of
a) the customer
b) the employees and
c) the identification of wasteful Activities throughout the process

Operational Excellence is concerned with
a) the Security
b) the Quality
c) Productivity
d) Human Resource Development
e) operating costs

TCM guarantees your success in the future / Don´t wait / Make Changes happen

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